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I'm an IT professional, musician, and composer. You'll find a selection of my musical works on this profile and you can find more at my youtube channel or website. Enjoy your stay :)
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New here, looking forward to it

Posted by GrizzledMusician - March 1st, 2021

Joined Newgrounds a couple of months ago to follow some artwork by my friend Betofall (give him a search and check him out) then decided it might be a good place to upload some music. Didn’t really know there was an audio portion of the site to be honest. I’ve been composing music for a decade now on and off and my latest album “Ascent” is available on all main streaming platforms and stores. My style is cinematic and orchestral. But I enjoy mixing all types of music so one track may sound very different to another. I will be uploading a few projects here right now and look forward to posting more. Any that I have available on stores will not be available for download but some that I don’t feel fit on an album will be here and I’ll make those available.

I am a saxophonist as well as a keyboardist who dabbles in the guitar world as well. You can find me on YouTube as “TheGrizzledMusician” where I do VST reviews and other such content and on my website blakegrizzle.com. Thanks for stopping by!

I’ll find where to put this information elsewhere but if you end up wanting to use my music in a project I only ask these things

  1. If it’s a track in stores, please purchase it from a store. It helps me out and it’s not much. If it’s a track I have available for download, skip this.
  2. Somewhere in your project, credit me as the composer of the track along with the track title. A link to my website would also be nice.
  3. Tell me. Because I want to check out what you are working on :)

That simple. I own the copyright to all of my tracks and my distributor doesn’t claim copyright strikes on my behalf. So as long as what you use it in is legal and above board, I’m good with it.